Steve’s Photo Journal

Prickly Pear Cactus

North Lido Park – 1/25/2015

North Lido Park is a jewel off the beaten track.  In the spring, it's a great place for birding, and in January, it's fun to walk along the tidal stream for reflection. … [Read More...]

Floss Silk Tree

Selby Botanical Garden 1/25/2015

Selby Gardens -- Always reliable for abstract forms! … [Read More...]


Myakka 1/23/2015

Windy but warm day at the park - 31 species.     … [Read More...]

American Bittern

Celery Fields: January 10th, 2015

I went to the celery fields to get a photo of a blue winged teal, and that was the hardest thing to … [Read More...]

Black Vulture

Myakka: January 9th, 2015

A cold and wet morning on the birdwalk.  I could see the rain showers move in from the southwest and … [Read More...]

Wood Storks

Deep Hole-Myakka: 1/4/2015

Deep Hole is always interesting, and today it was covered with large flocks of birds: spoonbills, … [Read More...]


Joan Durante Park, Longboat Key

Jimmy Durante set up this park in memory of his wife, Joan, and it's a beautiful little spot with … [Read More...]


Longboat Key Beach

A beautiful day at the beach meant that it took me about TWO HOURS to get here on New Year's … [Read More...]


Myakka: January 2nd 2015

It was very foggy today when I arrived at the birdwalk, and I saw about 25 species of birds within … [Read More...]

Green Heron

Celery Fields Christmas Day

I was really pleased to see my first green heron of the season.  In fifteen minutes, this guy didn't … [Read More...]

Roseate Spoonbill

Celery Fields on Solstice

Even the shortest day of the year has plenty happening at the Celery Fields. … [Read More...]